"Michael handled my divorce case in 2012 he is complete gentleman and consistently gives 300% of himself . In addition he works with his clients and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of matrimonial law. Divorce with children involved is a devastating enough to handle having a remarkable Lawyer made the process so much easier"


"Michael was very compassionate and sympathetic to my case coming on as the 2nd attorney handling my case. Michael jumped right in and got more accomplished in a few months than my previous attorney did over a year. He was very knowledgeable in how the law affected my case and always quick to notify of any correspondence with the case as well as responding back to questions or concerns on my part. He was always up to date with the case, and very professional and easy to deal with. The firm made a very stressful event less so and I am very grateful for the assistance."


"Highly recommend this firm. I hired Michael to handle my divorce, he was very professional, extremely efficient, and always returned my calls in a timely manner. I felt Michael was always there for me and had my best interest at heart. It was a very good feeling while going through a tough time. I would totally recommend Michael and the entire staff!"


"Honest, detail oriented, thorough, fair and human. Michael was my 2nd and 4th (final) attorney. The only reason I moved to attorney #3 was because Michael honestly shared with me he had no experience with a very specific custody issue (vaccination of my children which my ex and I were on different sides of). Attorney #3 sold me a bill of goods and turned to have no experience either - just wasn't honest with me about it and told me "I believe I can help you with that". My experience of the Nassau County matrimonial section of the supreme court and the other attorneys I had was HORRIFIC! Michael was very different - calls were returned promptly, details were explained to my satisfaction, communication was timely, I didn't always hear what I wanted, but I always heard the truth. In hindsight I wish I would have stayed with Michael from beginning to end. In the rats nest that is the world of divorce attorneys, Michael was a refreshing significant exception. I encourage you to do whatever you can (and then some) to stay OUT of divorce court. If you believe there is no alternative and need an attorney - give Michael a call. I have given Michael permission to give out my number as a reference, so if you have any further questions, I invite you to ask him about contacting me."


"Top Notch Divorce Attorney. Mr. DiFalco is an outstanding divorce attorney. His knowledge of the legal field is broad and accurate. I was extremely impressed with his ability to recall the smallest details of my case and I always felt that his interest in my personal situation was sincere. Mr DiFalco always attempted to move the case forward with the least amount of confrontation and in a way that would be most cost efficient and fair. His advice was always sound and rational. He always returned my calls and emails very promptly as he was extremely attentive to his follow up. Do not be fooled by his youth as Mr DiFalco can hold his own against anyone in the courtroom. He is a rising star and I recommend him without any hesitation."


"Highly Recommend Aiello & DiFalco. Michael DiFalco was very professional and supportive during a very difficult situation. He was always totally prepared, possessed a thorough knowledge of my financial matters and worked to secure my future. This firm was recommended to me and I will always be grateful that my divorce was handled by Michael and Mary Ann."


"Mr. DiFalco handled my case with efficiency and heart. He was a quick study regarding the details involved. There were some touchy and unusual personal circumstances and he rose to the task to handle them professionally yet with warmth. He did not waste time or soak me for any. I am happy with the settlement that was reached and would highly recommend him."


"Exceptional, professional, and empathetic. I was initially put into contact with Michael DiFalco through the Safe Center of Nassau County because I could not afford an attorney when my ex filed for divorce. The Safe Center obtained the offices of Maryann to represent me. When I first met Maryann she treated me as if I was any other paying client. She was very respectful, and empathetic to my particular situation. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She then told me Michael DiFalco, her associate, would primarily be working with me. When I first met Michael, I was very emotional. He immediately put me at ease & was very empathetic. He answered all of my questions & explained everything to me. I had many questions as the divorce process unfolded. I would often call or email Michael, and he always returned my calls and emails promptly- mostly the very same day. Half way through my divorce, I unfortunately had a stroke. There were a few instances when Michael had to step in on my behalf when I was getting out of the hospital regarding child custody issues, and he was just exceptional. As I got stronger and divorce proceedings continued, I always felt like Michael was my safety net. He always seemed to have mine & my children's best interests as his number one priority in court, and at the 4 way meetings at his office. Initially at the 4 ways, I couldn't even be in the same room as my ex. Michael would go back & forth from one room back to me, informing me of everything. I was very impressed by his patience, and diligence, and true compassion for me during those meetings. At the same time, he was able to be straight forward with me, and explain everything in a concise manner so I understood it. Often times I became very emotional. Michael had such a great way of calming me down, and helping me understand everything. I'm so grateful to have had Michael represent me. My divorce actually just became final, and I'm very pleased with the way everything turned out. I would highly recommend Michael. His professionalism, knowledge of the law, and dedication to his clients make him an exceptional attorney. I consider myself lucky to have had Michael DiFalco representing me during my divorce."


"From the start Michael treated my case with interest, attention & a touch of human warmth that is not so common. From the get go he was a good listener and retained all the info I had to pass along to him. He was honest and compassionate and he reached a settlement that was satisfactory to all."


"Effective, client-oriented legal representation. As an attorney myself, I greatly appreciated Mr. DiFalco's professionalism and conscientiousness. He remained diligent and generally maintained regular and effective communication with me throughout the entire 2-year-plus period he handled my divorce case. He consistently provided candid, well-reasoned legal advice, and understood and conveyed its practical implications as well. His persistence and composure unquestionably contributed to a result that significantly satisfied both my near- and long-term goals and needs."


"Awesome! Michael took an tough situation and made it less stressful. He was always available to answer questions and to guide me. He was patient and thoughtful throughout the process and his knowledge was so helpful. I'm so glad I found him."


"Exceptional Attorney; Knowledge & Heart. Michael DiFalco is a knowledgeable and efficient attorney with compassion and concern. Michael would help me at all hours of the night and guide me through a highly contentious divorce when I needed it most. I made the biggest mistake of my life changing attorneys when I thought I needed a Suffolk attorney, whilst Michael is in Nassau. Being confused about the process and listening to an attorney who persuaded me to go to his firm was a HUGE mistake because that firm was not compassionate or even thorough. I learned a lot through this process. A lot about attorneys in Suffolk...who are the good guys, who are the bad. Michael is is good guy that knows the process and gets the job done while still considering the human element of divorce. What I have come to realize is the process is draining and grueling and with most attorneys, you're another dollar. Michael is above and beyond respectful and considerate and an incredible attorney. I would highly recommend him."

Karin Murphy Caro

"I hired Mr. DiFalco a few years ago and it was the best decision I made. Michael has been extremely professional as well as courteous during my entire divorce proceedings. It was a very lengthy case and I was guided by Michael every step of the way. He was prompt with responses and explained everything with specific details, more than once if needed. Michael DiFalco and the MaryAnn Aiello Law Firm are a great team and worth investment! I can't thank them enough for their help!"


"Excellent all around. I have never had to hire an attorney for any matter in my life. All of a sudden I find myself dealing with an intense child custody battle. I am so glad I called on Mr. Difalco. He is very knowledgeable and reassuring. During the most dramatic intense time of my life where I felt I had no one he was there not only as a lawyer but I felt I can call on him like I would my friends. He's very responsive and helpful and understanding. He's not the type of lawyer that just wants the money you can tell he genuinely cares for what's right. He's always on time and deals with every situation professionally. I would highly recommend him to everyone. And I still keep him in my contacts in case of anything else."


"Michael DiFalco is Trustworthy. Michael DiFalco is highly recommended because he is intelligent, diligent and very knowledgeable. I liked Michael's professionalism, character, and personality from the first day I spoke to him about my divorce. He was always available to answer my questions and give me correct advice during a most stressful time. Michael handled my divorce with efficiency and professionalism every step of the way."


"Michael was responsive and attempted to address the opposing attorneys lack of follow-up . many time Michael rewrote what the opposition was to handle. He kept me informed the whole time.."

A Satisfied Client

"Professional, diligent, courteous, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. A rising star. In handling my case, which was contentious more often than not, I found that Michael offered pinpoint advice coupled with an understanding not only of the law and the courts, but also his client. In the rating system above, I wish there was a bullet point I could have clicked for availability, because that was off the charts. This was not the case due to a limited workload, much moreso because Michael put my needs and concerns ahead of his own. When meeting Michael in his office I often wondered where he hid his bed. Many attorneys work hard and many are talented. To find one who works as hard as Michael and is not only talented but smart, s/he is a keeper. I'd use Michael in areas outside his specialty without hesitation. What most who retain lawyers look for, whether they initially realize or not, is an advocate as much as an attorney. With Michael DiFalco, you get that. His professionalism and character are beyond reproach. In my case, he faced attorneys who had 10, 20, and 30 years more experience than he did and he didn't just hold his own, he outshone them. Simply, you will not regret working with Michael DiFalco. There's a great chance you'll regret not working with him."

A Satisfied Client

"Caring and competent divorce attorney. Michael DiFalco was my marital attorney through most of my divorce process. I had a long 5 year divorce that wallowed in the hands of other law firms. Michael and his staff were able to focus on the issues and get both sides to settlement. He cut through the bloviating of his opponent and made sure that I was treated fairly and with respect. The focus was always on what was best for my children and myself. I was able to have full residential custody of all my children and the settlement terms were as fair as possible. I completely trusted Michael and he made the most difficult times bearable. He is a bright, competent and caring lawyer."


"Very Professional. After two lawyers and 14 months of red tape, Michael came on board and quickly had a resolution in place. Maryann was also very gracious. I am very pleased."


"Michael DiFalco Is Awesome! I hired Michael's firm to represent me in a divorce action. I found Michael to be extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, extremely helpful, and always available to explain and counsel me during my divorce. I would very highly recommend Michael and I have referred two people to Michael and they have both been highly satisfied with his professionalism as well."


"If I have any legal needs in the future I will be calling Michael DiFalco. He is a consummate professional; Knowledgeable, Prompt, Accurate; his work ethic is impeccable. He was a great advisor to me at a vulnerable time in my life.....I highly recommend him."