Garden City Family Law Lawyer

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Modern families require modern family law solutions. We understand that every case is unique and every family and person has their own priorities. We work with our clients to support their specific needs. 

We guide parties who have built families together, including children and homes, regardless of whether they were married or not. Along with more common family arrangements, our New York family attorneys are experienced in family law issues involving child custody and child support between unmarried couples and same-sex couples. 

Why you might need family law litigation

Different kinds of family setup and family law issues require a different approach and understanding of how the law impacts them. When you consult with us, we will take the time to understand your circumstances and explore all of your options. While many family law matters can and should be resolved without costly litigation, we are prepared to represent you in family court. 

Our attorneys handle all aspects of family law cases in court, including:

Child custody and parenting time (visitation)

Resolving custody and parenting time issues can be emotionally difficult. They can become even more complicated when one parent accuses the other of being unfit, or there are allegations of abuse and neglect or alcohol and drug use. Our legal team will help you navigate a custody hearing and work to protect your parental rights. 

Family law litigation: Child support

The courts rely on a formula to determine how much child support one parent may need to pay to the other. In some cases, the parties may disagree about how much they earn or the amount of support their child needs. Our family law litigation attorneys will help you obtain the support your child needs, both now and in the future.

Orders of protection

Some cases include protecting the victims of domestic violence and defending parties who have been accused of family offenses. An order of protection may involve a “refrain from,” where a person is directed to avoid certain activities like harassment or assault, or a full “stay away,” where a person is ordered to not contact or go near the other party. We have helped many people on both sides of these proceedings get through an incredibly difficult and stressful time.

Why choose Aiello & DiFalco as your New York Family Law Litigation attorneys?

We care. We listen. We help you focus your energy on what matters most. We stand up for you in the courtroom. We know how to obtain results for our clients and how to guide them throughout the process. 

Family law litigation means that, if the parties cannot determine the issues, they will need to appear before a judge to do so. A settlement is still possible at any time during a case, and having a strong advocate means that you will be better positioned to negotiate a settlement. With us, you will benefit from thousands of hours of courtroom time standing in front of judges and advocating for our clients. Contact us to speak with one of our attorneys