We find that handling matrimonial matters that are litigated must be oriented towards achieving the priorities of the client while balancing the financial and emotional costs of litigation. Putting the future needs of the children and the parties first means evaluating what steps need to be taken towards resolving a case or proceeding with litigation. Most clients do not immediately go to court and litigate. Usually we try to settle the case or at least form the framework for settlement and perform some financial disclosure before seeking court intervention considering asking a court to intervene. But if custody or financial issues are emergencies, we act swiftly and strongly to protect our clients.

We approach cases along two parallel paths: the first is to try and resolve the issues amicably and the second is to prepare the best case we can for trial if and when those issues cannot be resolved. We proceed strategically with litigation to make sure that we can put forward the strongest possible case for the client while always working simultaneously towards a resolution, even when litigation is necessary.

With significant litigation experience, we can hold our own in any courtroom. We have handled extensive, complex trials and hearings, presented and argued difficult motions and handled uniquely complex cases, including custody and sophisticated financial matters.