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At Aiello & DiFalco LLP, we help clients in Brooklyn navigate the divorce process. We have comprehensive knowledge of New York domestic relations law and work to achieve positive outcomes through divorce mediation and litigation

Knowing that divorce is a difficult transition, especially when minor children are involved, we will offer you quality representation, objective insights, and emotional support. When you meet with us, you will find a secure environment where you can make informed decisions and plan for the next chapter in your life. Contact us today to consult with an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney. 

Divorce Attorney Representing Clients in Brooklyn 

If you are considering a divorce, you probably have many questions. Who will keep the family home? Where will our children live? How do I obtain child support? The answers will impact your future, so having an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney is essential. Let us help you sort through all the relevant issues, including:

Dividing Marital Property

Marital property must be divided according to the rules of equitable distribution. This means the marital home or apartment in Brooklyn, other real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and other assets acquired during the marriage must be divided fairly. But this does not mean an even split. By working with our experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney, you can protect your property rights and financial future. 

Child Custody

While the courts recognize the equal rights of both parents, custody determinations must be in the children’s best interests. In any event, the parties must agree about child custody before the court grants a divorce. Joint legal custody with some form of liberal parenting time is preferable. If the parties cannot agree, our attorneys will work to achieve the best result for your children. Understanding how to navigate Brooklyn family courts and divorce courts is imperative to make sure that you obtain a fair result for your family.

Child Support

The noncustodial parent and/or the higher earner typically pays child support to the custodial parent to cover the child’s living expenses (e.g. housing, clothing, food), health care, educational, and childcare expenses. Our Brooklyn divorce attorneys understand the state formula for calculating child support and will work closely with you to ensure your child has the necessary financial resources. We regularly help clients establish, modify and enforce child support orders. 

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

There are two types of spousal maintenance – temporary and post-divorce (rehabilitative maintenance). Brooklyn courts may award temporary maintenance during the divorce, which ends when the case settles. The courts may also award the receiving spouse post-divorce maintenance to enable them to obtain training or education to find employment and become self-supporting. Our Brooklyn divorce attorneys understand how to negotiate or litigate issues regarding spousal maintenance, especially in long-term marriages involving children and significant disparities in income.

Amicable Divorce

An amicable divorce is an option for parties who wish to avoid the cost and expense of a litigated divorce. An amicable divorce is similar to an uncontested divorce but typically requires more disclosure, negotiation, and attorney engagement than an uncontested divorce with no assets or children. This process is best suited for those who intend to co-parent their children and prefer to maintain an amicable post-divorce relationship. 

Brooklyn Divorce Mediation Attorney

Given the time and expense of a litigated divorce, many couples can benefit from mediation. This is a voluntary process in which the parties work with a neutral third-party mediator in Brooklyn to resolve their issues. The mediator does not represent either side or offer legal advice, but facilitates the negotiations and guides the parties to a settlement. The couple has control over decision-making and the outcome, but they must negotiate in good faith. 

At Aiello & DiFalco, our attorneys are trained mediators with experience mediating complex divorce cases in Brooklyn. We also regularly advise parties who have already hired another mediator to settle their divorce.

Why Choose Us?

Divorce can be an emotional and financial burden. Our Brooklyn divorce attorneys can help to lift that burden by offering you knowledge, compassion, and emotional support. While divorce cases can often settle amicably or resolve with minimal court intervention, we prepare each case for trial in the Brooklyn divorce courts to achieve the best possible outcome. 

When you consult with us, we will take the time to understand your circumstances and explain the next steps. You can depend on us to help you make informed decisions about your future and work to protect your rights and interests. By working with our capable attorneys, you can move on with your life with confidence.

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No one marries and plans to divorce, but when things don’t work out, having an experienced attorney who understands how local courts in Brooklyn work is the best way to protect your rights and interests. That’s where Aiello & DiFalco can assist you. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.