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At Aiello & DiFalco LLP, we assist clients from all walks of life, including high-net-worth couples navigating divorce in Garden City. Since terminating a marriage can be a significant emotional and financial strain, having an experienced divorce lawyer is a wise choice. We have been located in Garden City for decades and worked with many families who live in town as they navigate the divorce process.

Clients come to us for informed and efficient representation on matters ranging from dividing marital assets to resolving child custody and support. We work to achieve positive outcomes through amicable divorce and mediation but will litigate if necessary. Contact our office today to consult with an experienced Garden City divorce lawyer.

Divorce Attorney Representing Clients in Garden City

If you are considering divorce, you are likely apprehensive about your financial prospects and the effects on your children. Our attorneys can be relied upon for dependable advice and counsel on crucial matters such as:

Division of Property

The rules of equitable distribution govern the division of marital property in New York. This means that assets and liabilities obtained during the marriage – including real estate, bank accounts, investments, retirement accounts, and debts – must be divided fairly but not necessarily equally. 

This may seem straightforward, but what if conflicts arise over the distinction between marital and separate property? You can trust us to guide you through this process and work to protect your property rights and financial well-being. 

We understand how important it is for many families to keep their children in the marital home in Garden City and are able to advise you about the possibility of retaining the marital residence based on the circumstances of your case.

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

Today, many couples in Garden City work outside of the home, and therefore, spousal maintenance is not a certainty, but if there is a significant gap in income, then the lower earning spouse is likely entitled to temporary or post-divorce maintenance. Understanding how maintenance is calculated based on the formulas and the duration of maintenance based on the length of the marriage and other factors, our Garden City divorce attorneys are able to guide parties through the negotiation or litigation of maintenance issues.

Child Custody

As parents, we all want the best possible future for our children. However, in the event of a divorce or separation, child custody battles may arise, particularly in cases where one party has been the primary caregiver to the children and/or where there are issues of substance abuse or other problems. Let our experienced Garden City divorce attorneys help you protect the well-being of your children and maintain a healthy relationship with them. 

Our attorneys understand the complexity of these disputes and work to resolve them amicably, putting the children’s interests at the forefront of our strategy. We will advocate tirelessly to ensure that any final custody arrangement is in their best interests.

Child Support

Regardless of marital status, all parents are legally obligated to support their children financially. Typically, the noncustodial parent or the one with the higher income will pay child support to the other parent; however, support determinations consider factors such as the income of both parents, the number of children involved, and the custody arrangements.

What is an amicable divorce?

In Garden City, an amicable divorce is similar to an uncontested divorce in that parties collaborate to settle their differences. This approach can save time and money and allow the parties to move on with their lives in a more positive manner and is ideal for couples who intend to co-parent their children.

High-Net-Worth Divorce

If your divorce entails significant assets valued at several million dollars or more, you need the informed representation we can provide. Our Garden City divorce attorneys have deep experience in managing high-net-worth divorce cases for Garden City families and addressing complicated financial concerns, such as the valuation of multiple properties, investments, business holdings, and other valuable assets.

Once you engage our services, we will thoroughly examine your marital assets and work diligently to reach a fair and equitable division. While we prefer to achieve amicable solutions, we prepare each case for trial to achieve the best possible outcome. You can rely on our high-net-worth divorce lawyers to fiercely advocate for you, in and out of the courtroom.

Garden City Divorce Mediation Attorney

Divorce mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that involves the parties working with a neutral third-party mediator in Garden City to resolve their divorce. The mediator, who does not represent either party, helps to facilitate negotiations and guide the parties to an agreement. Although attorneys do not participate directly in the mediation process, both parties should have their lawyers review the document before signing it.

Mediation tends to be a more civil and cost-effective alternative to litigating a divorce, offering parties greater control over the outcome. However, successful mediation requires that both parties negotiate in good faith, which can be challenging without the assistance of experienced professionals. At Aiello & DiFalco, we have extensive experience mediating divorce cases and advising parties who have retained other mediators to resolve their divorce. We can help guide you through the mediation process and will work to protect your interests. 

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At Aiello & DiFalco, we provide knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation for various divorce scenarios, whether an amicable divorce, mediation, or high-net-worth divorce. We strive to provide efficient service that meets the unique needs of our Garden City divorce clients. Reach out to us today to book a consultation.