Child Support in Nassau County

Nassau County law requires all parents to support their children financially. However, child support disputes often arise in contentious divorce and paternity cases. Consulting an experienced child support attorney is the most effective way to ensure your child receives the necessary and deserved financial resources.

Aiello & DiFalco LLP, a leading family law practice serving Nassau County, is the preferred choice for handling child support matters. With extensive knowledge of New York’s child support guidelines, we will navigate you through the process and assist in securing the most favorable solution.

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Understanding Child Support in Nassau County

Child Support Basics

Child support is the financial obligation owed by one parent, typically the noncustodial parent, to the custodial parent for the upbringing of their children. In cases of equal physical custody, the higher-earning parent assumes the role of the noncustodial parent and is responsible for child support.

Covered expenses include:

  • Housing
  • Clothing
  • Food

Add-on expenses include:

  • Healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Education
  • Extracurricular activities 

Duration of Support

The obligation lasts until the child turns 21 or becomes legally emancipated under New York law. Although parents may agree to extend support until the child is 22 or completes college, courts cannot order payments beyond 21 unless the child has a disability.

About The Child Support Guidelines in New York

Calculation of Support Payments

Nassau County calculates child support payments based on New York state guidelines. The court sets the payment amount as a percentage of the parent’s gross income, after deductions, according to the number of children:

  • One child — 17 percent
  • Two children — 25 percent
  • Three children — 29 percent
  • Four children — 31 percent
  • Five or more children — At least 35 percent

Gross income includes wages, bonuses, overtime, commissions, income from self-employment, and all other income sources.

Income Cap Considerations

The court orders child support payments up to an income cap of $183,000, adjusting as 

necessary. For combined incomes exceeding this cap, the court may apply additional criteria to decide on extra support, taking into account:

  • Each parent’s financial resources
  • The child’s standard of living during the marriage
  • The child’s health and any special needs
  • Tax implications for each parent
  • Non-financial contributions to child care by each parent
  • Needs of the noncustodial parent’s other children
  • Any other relevant factor

Navigating Disputes

Despite guidelines, child support can become contentious during divorce proceedings over disagreements on income or support amounts. Trust the skilled Nassau County child support attorney at Aiello & DiFalco to protect your rights and your children’s welfare. We will leverage our skills and experience to advocate effectively for your best interests.

Child Support Modifications

Conditions for Modification

Unless specified differently in an agreement, a parent may seek a court’s revision of a child support order under three circumstances:

  • A substantial change in circumstances 
  • Three years have elapsed since the order’s issuance.
  • There’s been a significant change in income, defined as a 15 percent or more variation.

Examples of significant changes include:

  • The paying parent has involuntarily lost their job.
  • There’s a substantial increase in the paying parent’s income.
  • Either parent has become permanently disabled.
  • There’s an increase in the child’s medical needs.

If you’re considering modifying your child support agreement, our child support attorneys are ready to assist. We’ll help you prepare and file the necessary documentation, represent your interests in court, and ensure your rights are fully protected throughout the process.

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