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Navigating the complexities of child support in Queens can be challenging. Each family’s situation is unique, and understanding the legal nuances can sometimes seem overwhelming. With the right guidance, however, parents can ensure their children receive the necessary financial support while also securing their own financial futures.

At Aiello & DiFalco LLP, we understand the importance of clarity and fairness in the child support process. Our commitment is to advocate for the financial needs of your children while simplifying this legal journey for you. We offer tailored solutions, ensuring that both your and your child’s interests are at the forefront of every decision. Contact us today to consult with an experienced Queens child support attorney. 

About Child Support in Queens

Child support is the monetary assistance one parent must provide to the other for the child’s essential needs. This includes:

  • Everyday living costs (e.g. housing, clothing, and food)
  • Healthcare and insurance expenses
  • Educational and daycare costs

In most scenarios, the noncustodial parent makes payments to the custodial parent. However, in shared custody situations, the higher-earning parent may need to provide support. Children in New York are entitled to support until they turn 21, barring some legal exceptions. While both parties can decide on extended support, the courts cannot mandate payments beyond the age of 21. Non-compliance with court-ordered support can lead to severe legal repercussions.

How Child Support Amounts Are Determined

In Queens, child support is calculated based on the state guidelines, which consider factors such as:

  • A percentage of each parent’s total yearly gross income
  • The total number of dependent children

Gross income encompasses all earnings, including wages, bonuses, and self-employment income. The following is a basic breakdown of the support percentages for parents below the current $163,000 threshold:

  • One child: 17%
  • Two children: 25%
  • Three children: 29%
  • Four children: 31%
  • Five or more children: At least 35%

For parents earning beyond $163,000 combined, the court might apply additional considerations:

  • Both parents’ financial capacity
  • The child’s living standards during the parents’ union
  • The child’s overall well-being and any unique needs
  • Tax implications
  • Each parent’s non-financial contributions
  • Consideration of the noncustodial parent’s other dependents
  • Any other relevant factors

While the child support formula seems straightforward, such determinations involve nuances that require informed legal counsel. 

Challenges in Queens Child Support Cases

Issues might arise when:

  • Discrepancies exist about incomes or required support
  • A parent hides their earnings or assets
  • Income details are ambiguous

In complex situations, especially when earnings surpass the predefined cap or involve joint custody, deviations from standard guidelines might occur. At Aiello & DiFalco, our child support attorneys are here to guide you through these challenges.

Child Support Modifications

Parents can request changes to child support orders under specific circumstances, such as:

  • Three years since the original order
  • A 15% or more change in income due to job loss, substantial income rise, disability, or increased child medical needs.

Our seasoned attorneys can guide you through the modification process, ensuring your interests are protected.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

For non-compliant parents, the court may enforce the order by:

  • Issuing a wage garnishment 
  • Imposing property liens
  • Levying bank accounts

Moreover, deliberately avoiding child support payments can lead to contempt of court charges, potentially resulting in jail time. However, the court is reluctant to take this step because an incarcerated parent will be unable to make any payments. 

How Our Firm Can Help

At Aiello & DiFalco LLP, we have a deep understanding of child support challenges facing families in Queens. Our seasoned attorneys have guided countless parents in securing their children’s financial futures. We recognize that behind every case are real families with genuine concerns. When you meet with us, we will take the time to listen to your story. We believe in building strong client-attorney relationships built on trust and mutual respect. 

Navigating child support issues requires not just skill, but determination. Our team is equipped to tackle even the most challenging scenarios, from unearthing concealed assets to negotiating favorable terms or representing you in court. Our primary goal is to protect your interests and, above all, the well-being of your children.

With our team by your side, you’ll be kept in the loop, equipped with the insights to make informed decisions. We demystify the legalities, breaking down complex issues into understandable terms, and ensuring you’re confident in every choice made. At Aiello & DiFalco LLP, we’re more than just attorneys; we’re your allies in securing a brighter financial future for your children. Let us be your voice and your advocate.

Seek Trusted Guidance on Child Support in Queens

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