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Exceptional Attorney

Exceptional Attorney; Knowledge & Heart. Michael DiFalco is a knowledgeable and efficient attorney with compassion and concern. Michael would help me at all hours of the night and guide me through a highly contentious divorce when I needed it most. I made the biggest mistake of my life changing attorneys when I thought I needed a Suffolk attorney, whilst Michael is in Nassau. Being confused about the process and listening to an attorney who persuaded me to go to his firm was a HUGE mistake because that firm was not compassionate or even thorough. I learned a lot through this process. A lot about attorneys in Suffolk…who are the good guys, who are the bad. Michael is good guy that knows the process and gets the job done while still considering the human element of divorce. What I have come to realize is the process is draining and grueling and with most attorneys, you’re another dollar. Michael is above and beyond respectful and considerate and an incredible attorney. I would highly recommend him.

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