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Exceptional, professional, and empathetic

Exceptional, professional, and empathetic. I was initially put into contact with Michael DiFalco through the Safe Center of Nassau County because I could not afford an attorney when my ex filed for divorce. The Safe Center obtained the offices of Maryann to represent me. When I first met Maryann she treated me as if I was any other paying client. She was very respectful, and empathetic to my particular situation. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She then told me Michael DiFalco, her associate, would primarily be working with me. When I first met Michael, I was very emotional. He immediately put me at ease & was very empathetic. He answered all of my questions & explained everything to me. I had many questions as the divorce process unfolded. I would often call or email Michael, and he always returned my calls and emails promptly- mostly the very same day. Half way through my divorce, I unfortunately had a stroke. There were a few instances when Michael had to step in on my behalf when I was getting out of the hospital regarding child custody issues, and he was just exceptional. As I got stronger and divorce proceedings continued, I always felt like Michael was my safety net. He always seemed to have mine & my children’s best interests as his number one priority in court, and at the 4 way meetings at his office. Initially at the 4 ways, I couldn’t even be in the same room as my ex. Michael would go back & forth from one room back to me, informing me of everything. I was very impressed by his patience, and diligence, and true compassion for me during those meetings. At the same time, he was able to be straight forward with me, and explain everything in a concise manner so I understood it. Often times I became very emotional. Michael had such a great way of calming me down, and helping me understand everything. I’m so grateful to have had Michael represent me. My divorce actually just became final, and I’m very pleased with the way everything turned out. I would highly recommend Michael. His professionalism, knowledge of the law, and dedication to his clients make him an exceptional attorney. I consider myself lucky to have had Michael DiFalco representing me during my divorce.

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