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Honest, detail-oriented, thorough, and fair

Honest, detail-oriented, thorough, fair and human. Michael was my 2nd and 4th (final) attorney. The only reason I moved to attorney #3 was because Michael honestly shared with me he had no experience with a very specific custody issue (vaccination of my children which my ex and I were on different sides of). Attorney #3 sold me a bill of goods and turned to have no experience either – just wasn’t honest with me about it and told me “I believe I can help you with that”. My experience of the Nassau County matrimonial section of the supreme court and the other attorneys I had was HORRIFIC! Michael was very different – calls were returned promptly, details were explained to my satisfaction, communication was timely, I didn’t always hear what I wanted, but I always heard the truth. In hindsight I wish I would have stayed with Michael from beginning to end. In the rats nest that is the world of divorce attorneys, Michael was a refreshing significant exception. I encourage you to do whatever you can (and then some) to stay OUT of divorce court. If you believe there is no alternative and need an attorney – give Michael a call. I have given Michael permission to give out my number as a reference, so if you have any further questions, I invite you to ask him about contacting me.

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